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About Diamond G Forest Turpentine

Diamond G Forest Turpentine is likely the purest, highest quality organic gum spirits on Earth. Harvested organically from pine tree forest in the USA, it contains no additives, chemicals, preservatives, sulphates or other impurities. This is direct from nature's source: pure essential oil from the pine tree. The Gum spirits are produced by a wonderful family in southern Georgia who have run a grassroots operation there for generations and they still harvest it themselves using many of the old traditional methods. After tapping the pine trees and extracting the gum, the turpentine is then distilled and packaged by hand and they diligently use sustainable forestry practices throughout the entire process. We then import the Turpentine direct from the United States.... 

Our Philosophy


We have used this Turpentine extensively and can attest to its potency and effectiveness. Being committed to natural healing methods we've found that the path to vitality necessitates building the body and immune system from the ground up by cleansing the elimination pathways, eating clean organic and wildcrafted foods and gently detoxing heavy metals and parasites on an ongoing basis. Some of our pass-times include the shaking meditations of Ratu Bagus, 5 Rhythms dance, daily coffee enemas and searching for the purest quality Shilajit in Ladakh, India. We live by the sea on the East Sussex Coast.