Moon Cycles

Following Astrology

We like to and appreciating the energetic effect of the Moon's cycle, we will be offering a regular monthly discount on our products.


During the three calendar days leading up to and including the full moon, there will be a 10% discount on all of our items.


You don't need to do anything, we will simply reduce the prices on the entirety of our stock for this three day period each and every month.

The next Full Moon is a Buck Moon



Discount Begins:



Current Status: Active



Turpentine Diamond G Forest

Additional reading helps inform yourself as a customer. We ask that you look for your own sources when looking at what to buy. There is a depth of knowledge on the internet; forums, research papers, individuals documented experiences. This is not the only place online selling Turpentine, along with other extracts. We have tested batches here in Devon, with help from a professor at Exeter University, to provide this is 100% Pure Pine Spirits. The quality ensures is here.

Turpentine was initially introduced to the media by Dr. Jenifer Daniels. Her work is available online and discussions around here work is a full forum of discussion. Her book is listed below. I believe it is available on Amazon as well.

Heal By God, have an article outlining, Dr. Jenifer Daniels, research into Turpentine.

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