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Please use this as a platform to share your testimony of turpentine, books, articles or useful information with others

Additional reading helps inform yourself as a customer. We ask that you look for your own sources when looking at what to buy. There is a depth of knowledge on the internet; forums, research papers, individuals documented experiences. This is not the only place online selling Turpentine, along with other extracts. We have tested batches here in Devon, with help from a professor at Exeter University, to provide this is 100% Pure Pine Spirits. The quality ensures is here.

Turpentine was initially introduced to the media by Dr. Jenifer Daniels. Her work is available online and discussions around here work is a full forum of discussion. Her book is listed below. I believe it is available on Amazon as well.

Heal By God, have an article outlining, Dr. Jenifer Daniels, research into Turpentine.

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