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how it started?

This site was founded by an amazingly knowledgeable man called Andrew, who was on a journey to find the purest form of Pine Gum Spirit in the world. Andrew set up Pure Gum Spirits stocking Diamond G Forest Turpentine, as well as various other products, and has since moved to Tibet. He left ownership of PGS to my brother Merlin however after starting university he chose to share responsibilities with myself Tallula, and our mum Susi.
We're very excited for this joint venture and hope to be sending your orders soon!
If you have any questions please visit the 'contact us' page :)

who are we?

The business is family-owned by Susi, Merlin and Tallula. We moved to South Devon in 2006 after discovering a likeminded crowd at festivals, where Susi was working in the kids crew as a craft and song-time specialist! Susi now works part time helping people save money on their utilities (within the UK) with Utility Warehouse The Discount Club; home phone & broadband, mobiles, gas, electric, boiler and home insurance all with a customer service which? recommended for over 10 years.

Susi has also just gained her Hackney Carriage License to work as an independent taxi driver (Merlin's Taxi, Devon, UK). 
However priority is always getting your orders in the post and ensuring our customers receive a good service.
Merlin and Tallula are both studying elements of business at different university's. Merlin is focusing on Economics and Marketing, delving into the systems and strategies to find customers and provide them with what they need. Tallula is focusing on the financial and administration aspects of business, as well as working front of house at a local seafood restaurant, helping to develop her skills as a customer service provider. 

About Diamond G Forest Turpentine


Diamond G Forest Products is a family-owned and operated agribusiness in Patterson, Georgia. Diamond G Forest Turpentine is likely the purest, highest quality gum spirits on Earth. Harvested organically from pine tree forest in the USA, it contains no additives, chemicals, preservatives, sulphates or other impurities. This is direct from nature's source: pure essential oil from the pine tree. The Gum spirits are produced by a wonderful family in southern Georgia who have run a grassroots operation there for generations and they still harvest it themselves using many of the old traditional methods. After tapping the pine trees and extracting the gum, the turpentine is then distilled and packaged by hand and they use sustainable forestry practices throughout the entire process. We then import the Turpentine direct from the United States and function as a UK distribution center, however we ship worldwide.

Andrew's Philosophy


Andrew has used this Turpentine extensively and can attest to it's potency and effectiveness. Being committed to natural healing methods he found that the path to vitality necessitates is in building the body and immune system from the ground up. Cleansing the elimination pathways through eating clean organic and wild-crafted foods and practicing gently detoxing heavy metals and parasites on an ongoing basis. Other practices Andrew enbraced include the shaking meditations of Ratu Bagus, 5 Rhythms dance, daily coffee enemas and searching for the purest quality Shilajit in Ladakh, India. Andrew is no longer a partner at PGS however we are thankful for his proficiency in the power of Turpentine!
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